We have many great shows lined up this year.  We are a small but powerful show which brings in a faithful following of customers looking for our vendors.  We do limit the number of exhibitors in each category so you have the ability to have great sales in your field.  We are Innovators in this field always thinking of new ways to stay fresh and current.

Our shows are wholesale (with proper tax certificate) and retail and always OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  We the only Bead Show that offers FREE admission to the public in order to keep attendance high.  We are always looking for new vendors selling jewelry, fashion, glass, lampwork, displays, silver, supplies, tools, and rough gems and minerals.  We also invite artisans to our shows who want to sell their creative wares.  We have gone to Friday and Saturday show since last year and have found that you can make just as much money in sales in 2 days than you can in 3.  Sunday sales were always like a half day of selling as you know, so in doing this we have taken in to consideration your valuable time so as not to waste it.  Our vendors and customers have loved the change.

Currently we are THE lowest priced Bead Show in Texas for vendors.  Yet we bring in the greatest sales to our vendors.  How do I know this? Well I ask you our vendors, and I am a vendor also so I also speak from experience.  Why you ask? Well we believe in honoring our vendors with a well produced show low cost venue and great attendance if they will honor us with their loyalty and faithful participation in the shows. And by keeping it small it allows everyone to make money.  Together is the only way we can make this a Great show.

We market The Bead Market shows through many avenues which includes advertising through direct email to our huge customer base, newspaper ads,  and on our Facebook Page and Website.  We were the first Bead Show to advertise on Television back in the early 2000’s.  This and more advertising is always done as the show allows.

We would love to talk to you if you are interested in participating in any show. Contact Rebekah Wills at 903-734-7773 for more information and contracts. Our office email address is rebekah@etex.net